JINRO Soju: Building a better future

In a world increasingly attuned to environmental conservation and sustainability, JINRO has emerged as a leader of eco-conscious practices within the beverage industry that is aiming to bring value to the community. JINRO has strategically embedded sustainability and social initiatives at the core of its operations, underscoring a comprehensive commitment to fostering a greener tomorrow. This dedication is illustrated through its multifaceted approach to environmental leadership, stakeholder engagement, development of eco-friendly products, and building stronger communities on the local level. 

Building Stronger Communities

HiteJinro has initiated its annual coastal cleanup activities for this year on the Jeju Island coast at Dakmeoru. This effort, started with the collaboration of local social welfare centers, aims to collect marine debris for data that could help resolve oceanic environmental issues. Dakmeoru Beach, known for its proximity to Jeju Airport and beautiful sunsets, has seen an increase in tourism, raising the need for such cleanup activities. Hite Jinro, celebrating its 100th anniversary, plans quarterly cleanups at Dakmeoru and is considering adopting additional coasts under the Companion Beach project, which encourages organizations to care for specific beaches to reduce marine waste.

Environmental Leadership

HiteJinro has set ambitious targets aiming for carbon neutrality by 2050, a testament to its forward-thinking environmental stewardship. Through significant reductions in greenhouse gas emissions and the adoption of energy-efficient technologies, the company is not just responding to climate change but actively combating it. These activities are complemented by initiatives focused on the sustainable consumption of water resources, highlighting a deep-seated respect for one of nature's most precious commodities.

Building Stronger Communities

Understanding that true growth is symbiotic, HiteJinro has nurtured a harmonious relationship with its stakeholders. Through engaging with local communities, fostering customer relationships, empowering employees, and supporting suppliers, the company has woven a fabric of mutual benefit and collective prosperity. Social contribution activities, ranging from environmental protection efforts to youth support programs, embody HiteJinro's unwavering commitment to societal upliftment.

Innovating with Eco-Friendly Products

HiteJinro's practices extends to its product lines, with a strong emphasis on eco-friendly packaging and sustainable product development. Efforts such as the adoption of eco-taps for Chamisul Fresh and the attainment of Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) certifications for major product families underscore the company's commitment to minimizing environmental impact. Additionally, initiatives aimed at improving the recovery and reuse rates of glass containers illustrate a steadfast dedication to the principles of the circular economy.

A Fresh Take on Sustainability

JINRO's eco-friendly and community building practices are a beacon of environmental and social responsibility in the beverage industry, demonstrating JINRO's dedication to sustainability. These efforts are not merely corporate obligations but are integral to the company's identity and its vision for the future. As JINRO continues to innovate and lead by example, it sets a benchmark for how companies can operate in harmony with the environment, ensuring a healthier planet for generations to come.

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