IU's 2024 World Tour & Her Special Connection with JINRO

Embarking on her World Tour, IU illuminates stages globally, and JINRO is thrilled to accompany her on this journey as it celebrates it’s 100th anniversary. This tour marks IU's grand return since her Love, Poem Tour in 2019, and it's shaping up to be a showstopper, starting right from Seoul. With plans to hit over 18 cities across Asia, North America, and Europe, it's not just a tour; it's a cultural fiesta, blending IU's soulful music with the universal love for JINRO's soju. 

IU's World Tour kicked off with a bang at Seoul's KSPO Dome, drawing an impressive crowd of over 60,000 fans and featuring performances by star-studded guests including NewJeans, Riize, Le Sserafim, and Park Bo-gum. The excitement is set to continue, with the tour heading to Yokohama, Japan, for electrifying shows on the 23rd and 24th of March.

This year's tour not only marks a series of performances but celebrates a decade-long synergy between IU and JINRO, sparked in 2014. 

From the outset, JINRO recognized IU's unique blend of elegance and musical versatility as a perfect harmony with Chamisul's fresh appeal. This enduring partnership, fortified by a blend of music and brand ethos, has blossomed beyond Korea, setting a global trend. Here's to the continued resonance of this collaboration, as it evolves and inspires across borders.

The collaborations between IU and JINRO have always embodied a fusion of genuine passion and shared joy. Their partnership, seamlessly blending IU's emotionally rich music with JINRO's World top-ranked soju, has crafted a unique cultural tapestry. These campaigns, spanning from chart-topping hits to the intimate moments at the bar, resonate as a collective celebration of artistry and tradition.

To IU, to her fans, and to the beautiful moments yet to come — geonbae!

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